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Singapore Night Safari

If you’re after a wild night out of a different kind, take a trip to Singapore’s Night Safari to enjoy wildlife under the moonlight. Nestled in 40 hectares of lush secondary forest, the Night Safari offers guests the unique experience of exploring wildlife in a tropical jungle at night. Through the use of subtle lighting technique, guests are able to view over 1,000 nocturnal animals of 100 species in vast naturalistic habitats.

Food & Beverages

  • Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant - Dine at the Night Safari’s 600-seater signature restaurant, it offers an extensive array of local favourites and international cuisine in a charmingly ethnic setting that features mementoes of days gone by.
  • Bongo Burgers – Just located next to the Night Safari entrance is the stylish Bongo Burgers. Set for gorgeous open-air alfresco dining under the stars, Bongo Burgers offer diners delicious western delights, a chance to get up close with wildlife as well as tribal dance entertainment.
  • Ben & Jerry’s Scoop - America’s favourite ice cream welcome you to the second scoop shop ini South East Asia at night at the Singapore Night Safari!

bongoburger      chilli crab       

Cultural Performances at Night Safari

Let Bornean Tribal performers take your breath away when you visit the Night Safari! Hailing from the rainforests of Borneo, the Thumbuakar Tribe will perform Tribal dances, blowpipe demonstrations and fire-eating displays.

Creatures of the Night Show

Creatures of the night show features a more interactive format where visitors will be drawn into the action. Watch and learn more about nocturnal animals, from the elusive owl to nimble binturongs to intuitive civets.

Be early to avoid disappointment as seating is on a first come first served basis. Show appearances and contents may change due to the temperament of the animals.

Singapore Night Safari Map


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For more informations, please visit the Singapore Night Safari Offical Website and remember to take home some  iconic animal from the Safari shop!

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