Why we’ve never seen the likes of a Pokemon Go-like game in the real world before: Part II

I am the guy who made the first game, but I know a lot of the players who made it.

It’s been about four years since I made that game, and the game has never really been popular enough to be a true hit.

I’m a big Pokemon fan.

I’ve been a hardcore player since I was a kid.

In the Pokemon universe, you’re always going to find some Pokemon, even if they’re rare or rarer than others.

The reason it’s always rarer is that you can’t actually get them.

You can only get them by battling them, and they’re the only thing that’s really worth it in the game.

This has led to a lot more than just the fact that there’s a game for a certain type of player.

The game is incredibly popular with gamers who have a more traditional interest in collecting and trading things.

It has led me to a new interest in science and science fiction, where I can actually get into the world of science fiction.

And that’s actually the reason I started Pokemon Go in the first place.

The game is like the next level of Pokemon.

You have this game where you can actually play the game as a child.

It just has a lot to offer for a child that’s been turned off from video games for a while.

I love it.

I’m a huge Pokemon fan and a huge fan of the show.

But there are still a lot that aren’t seeing the appeal, like people who want a game that’s a little more casual.

There are also a lot who just want something that’s more fun.

We’re not seeing anything in the way of real-world Pokemon Go players in our cities, where there are thousands of players congregating on a single square of land in downtowns.

The Pokemon Go craze is something that has a ton of people, and it’s a phenomenon that can only really be fueled by a real-life community.

You know, when I started this, I thought that people were going to come out of the woodwork and actually find a way to find these new Pokemon, and that they were going have a blast.

But the real-time nature of the game is making it a real struggle to find people who have the same interest as I do.

I mean, I’m not saying that the game will fail in the long run.

I think that if we’re lucky enough to find a few people that have an interest, we’re going to see a huge influx of new players.

We’re not going to have the Pokemon Go of 2010.

That was just the beginning of the hype.

And if the Pokemon go craze lasts as long as it’s going, then that’s going to change a lot.

So that’s my take on the Pokemon GO phenomenon, but it’s not the end of the world.

People can still play the Pokemon game if they want to.

We’ve got a great community here at IGN and we’ll continue to provide a place for people to congregate, play, and learn about video games.

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