Why Singapore has been the best city in the world to live in

Singapore, which has seen more than 100 million people relocate to the city in recent years, is the second-best place to live if you look at a global index.

Here are the top 10 cities in the country, ranked by residents’ satisfaction with their lives.


Singapore City – 62.8% Satisfied Singapore City is the best place to grow up, be a good citizen and be connected to the rest of the world, according to a new survey by Singapore’s largest online shopping service, Amazon.


Beijing – 59.8 Satisfied Beijing is a city where you can feel the sun shining and enjoy shopping and dining, with the climate being the perfect mix of cool and hot.


Hong Kong – 59 Satisfied Hong Kong is a thriving city where shopping and shopping centres can be found everywhere and a good mix of people and shops can be expected.


Sydney – 58.5 Satisfied Sydney is a great place to visit and live, with people of all ages, ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds living here.


Beijing, China – 57 Satisfied China is home to the world’s biggest stock market, a city with excellent public transportation, and a high degree of social integration.


Hongkong – 57.5 Happiness Hong Kong has a vibrant and vibrant urban core, with shopping, dining, entertainment and cultural opportunities.


Sydney, Australia – 56 Satisfied Australia is a booming city, with a mix of large and small businesses, excellent public transport and a mix for all ages.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 56.5 Happy Dubai is a well-off city, a great city for leisure, and it has been recognised for its high quality of life and well-developed economy.


Tokyo, Japan – 55 Satisfied Tokyo is a bustling city where people are very happy to spend money.


Dubai – 55.5 Positive Dubai is an exciting city with a variety of activities, which make it a great choice for people of every age and socio-economic status.

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