Which Asian country should we worry about?

The first thing to note is that there are a lot of different Asian countries in the world, and some of them are in fact quite unique.

For example, there are countries in Africa where there’s not a whole lot of white people in the population, and there are other countries where there are some white people, and also some other countries with very low percentages of white residents.

The second thing to point out is that the Asian population is also a heterogeneous group, so while there are quite a few countries in which one group is the majority, it’s still not clear exactly what percentage of the population is Asian.

The following chart shows that, and you can see that the world’s population is split roughly in two: 1.2 billion people live in Asia, and about one-quarter of that is comprised of people from China.

There are other Asian countries, but they tend to be smaller than China.

The rest are in the “near-bottom” of the chart, which means that about one in six of them is not Chinese.

The numbers below are based on the population of Asia in 2030, with populations for other regions of the world also included in the calculations.

Asia’s population in 2030 Source: Pew Research Center/Global Burden of Disease Tracker [source] The map below shows the number of people in each of the four regions of Asia.

The first and second are the same as for the population as a whole, but the third and fourth show the total number of Chinese in each country.

The last column shows the percentage of Asian people in all the countries in Asia.

China is the top-ranked country, but it’s not as big as it used to be.

For the sake of comparison, the population in Russia is the second largest, and in India the largest.

The chart also shows the distribution of countries by ethnicity.

In Asia, about a quarter of the people are white.

In Africa, about one out of three people are black.

In Latin America, about three out of five people are from Latin America.

The bottom three are Africa, Latin America and Asia, where about one person out of every three people is Asian or African.

The top three are Asia, Africa and Latin America with one person each from Asia, Latin and Africa.

There’s a bit of overlap between the percentages of people of Asian descent in Asia and the rest of the developed world.

People of Asian ancestry in the United States and Australia are roughly three times as likely as people of other races to be in poverty.

But that’s not much of an issue for the majority of Asians, who are generally not poor.

According to the Census Bureau, there were 5.4 million people of Indian descent living in the US in 2020, about 1 in 3.

There were 6.6 million of Chinese descent in the country in 2020.

There was 3.4 percent of the total population of the United Kingdom of any race, but that’s less than one out the 10.5 million people living in that country.

So the disparity between the Asian-American population and the population overall is fairly small, and even more so for Asian-Americans.

But the trend is more pronounced among the Asian Americans who are still the majority.

Asian-America population by race and ethnicity in 2020 Source: Census Bureau/GlobalBurden of Diseases Tracker [ source ] While this is good news for Asian Americans, there’s still a long way to go.

According the World Bank, only 1.3 percent of Asian Americans are living in poverty, and that’s well below the rate of the overall population.

And that’s just in the developed countries.

In many developing countries, it is higher.

But for the Asian American community, the numbers are even more concerning.

While one-fifth of the Asian adult population is white, Asian Americans comprise just under 6 percent of all adults in the U.S. And Asian Americans have about 6 percent fewer adult children than white Americans, a trend that is predicted to continue for decades.

That means that Asian Americans will continue to have fewer children than their white peers.

Asian Americans still live longer The study also finds that Asian- Americans are still faring much worse than their Asian- American counterparts in terms of life expectancy.

Compared to white Americans born in the same year, Asian-Am adults have a life expectancy of 69 years compared to 64 years for white Americans.

But Asian-Amerias life expectancy is much worse in every age group.

The report notes that for the first time, Asian adults live to 100 years old, a gap that has not been seen since World War II.

Asian American men live longer than white men.

Asian women live longer.

Asian men have shorter lifespans than Asian women.

But they live longer in all age groups and at all ages than white males.

That may sound like a long time, but in fact, life expectancy for white adults is just about average, while Asian-Asians are about 10 years ahead of white Americans in most age groups.

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