When you need to know more about Singapore’s attractions

The country’s famous beaches and nightlife are among the attractions of the country, but you can also get to know Singapore’s most famous landmarks with the help of Lonely Planet’s Guide to Singapore.

From its colonial-era skyscrapers to the grand museums of the city, Lonely Planet Singapore offers a wealth of information about the country.

From the sights to the people, we’ve got the best Singapore information you’ll ever need to see.


The King’s Palace Singapore, Singapore – Lonely Planet Guide to Asia & Pacific, Singapore 1.8 stars (out of 5) 1.7 stars (down from 5) Lonely Planet: Singapore Lonely Planet guidebook: SingaporeThe King’s palace is the world’s largest, most opulent palace, and the site of the nation’s first state visit, and its tallest structure is the towering Mausoleum of the Emperor.

The sprawling palace includes the royal gardens, a world-class sports complex, a state-of-the-art medical and cultural facility, and more than a dozen restaurants and bars.

The building was built by the British and later became the palace of the Republic of Singapore.


Singapore, Kuala Lumpur – Lonely World Singapore, Malaysia – Lonely Life Singapore, Brunei, Singapore Lonely World: Malaysia Lonely World guidebook : SingaporeThe world’s first and largest city, Singapore is the hub of Southeast Asia.

It has a diverse population of about 200 million people who live and work on a wide variety of activities.

Lonely Planet Malaysia guidebook describes Singapore as one of the worlds most interesting cities, one of Asia’s most vibrant and exciting destinations, and one of its top 10 destinations.

Singapore is one of Malaysia’s three major Asian cities, with Kuala Lumpur, the second largest, coming in at third.

Lonely World Malaysia has a strong reputation for travel guides that offer a diverse range of information, from travel tips to a wealth the world over of history and culture.


The Taj Mahal Singapore, Thailand – Lonely Worlds Singapore, Asia & Atlantic, Singapore 4 stars (2 out of 5 stars) Lonely World Thailand guidebook Singapore: The Taj’s magnificent beauty and rich history make it one of Singapore’s crown jewels.

The city of 2.6 million is home to more than 150 million people and the largest island in the world, home to the world-famous Singapore International Airport.

LonelyWorld Singapore: Thailand Lonely World Bangkok guidebook Thailand : The most visited and most sought-after destination in Southeast Asia, Thailand offers a stunning array of attractions and culture, ranging from ancient temples to temples of the past, to traditional Chinese shopping malls and beaches.

Lonelyworld Thailand has a rich and comprehensive guidebook covering Thailand’s national history, architecture, architecture and architecture, and heritage, and tourism.


Singapore – Singapore – World Traveler’s Guide Singapore – The World Travelers Guide – Lonely New York Lonely World : Singapore Singapore guidebook – SingaporeSingapore is a major travel destination in the Middle East, with a population of over 300 million, and it is home a vibrant metropolis, famous for its shopping, restaurants, and night life.

LonelyPlanet Singapore : Singapore Lonely Guidebook Singapore : The world’s best-preserved and most spectacular city.

Singapore has a vibrant cityscape and an abundance of shopping and entertainment options, and Lonely Planet has been consistently ranking it among the world leaders in its top destinations.


Singapore , Hong Kong – Lonely Singapore, Hong Kong Lonely World Guidebook: Hong KongSingapore has a population estimated at more than 300 million.

Lonely New Zealand guidebook has a wealth for travellers to discover the sights, cultures and traditions of Hong Kong, and a wide range of resources to help travellers plan their trips to the city.

Lonely Singapore guide book has a range of stories about the city and its people, including the rich history of Hongkong.


Hong Kong , Macau – Lonely Hong Kong guidebook Hong Kong : Macau guidebookHong Kong : Hong Kong GuidebookHongkong guidebook is a guidebook to the beautiful city of Macau.

The book covers everything from Hong Kong’s rich history to the island’s booming economy and the many cultural events Hong Kong has to offer.

Lonely Hong kong guide book gives a wide-range of information and insights to help guide travellers on their journey.


Singapore and Singapore – Hong Kong and Macau Lonely World Macau, Singapore , Macao Lonely World , Maca Lonely World Hong Kong Macau Macao guidebook Macao : Macao Macao guides guidebookMacao : The country with the world class culture and cuisine.

Macao is home of the Macao International Film Festival and is the home to a thriving arts and crafts industry.

LonelyMacao guide book Macao – The city and people of Hong-Kong.

Macau is also the world capital of the Hong Kong International Film and Television Festival.


Singapore Lonely Singapore Singapore Singapore LonelyWorld : Singapore, Macau Singapore guide

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