‘We need to look to the future’: Labor’s plan for the future of Australia’s holiday industry

Labor has put forward a plan to improve the lives of Australians by increasing the number of days of the year people can work and to make more people eligible for social welfare payments.

Key points:The Labor plan is part of a wider package to boost the economy, make Australians more confident and increase tax revenueThe proposal is part and parcel of the government’s plan to overhaul the nation’s social welfare system and reduce the tax burden.

“A fair balance of our plan is that it provides a fair deal for those Australians who are working hard to make ends meet and are contributing to the economic recovery,” Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said.

“But also, I think, there is a sense that we can’t continue to rely on the Government to be able to afford a fair system of social welfare for all Australians.”

Mr Shorten told the ABC the plan would not only provide extra jobs for people, but also boost the country’s economy by providing more people with work-related income.

“It will allow more Australians to get on the roads and into the jobs, and help people move into the middle class, and so that is the main thing that we’re looking to do,” he said.

Mr Shortens proposal comes as the economy continues to struggle, with unemployment soaring to 11.6 per cent.

The unemployment rate is higher than the 10-year average of 7.5 per cent, which is well above the 2.6 percentage point threshold that is required to trigger the end of the fiscal cliff.

Mr Turnbull said the Government was committed to making Australia a more competitive place for business, and would be looking at a range of proposals to boost productivity.

“We are investing in the infrastructure of our economy, the roads, the railroads, the ports, the airports, and the ports are very important parts of our economic development,” Mr Turnbull said.

But Labor’s proposal was not expected to attract much support from Labor MPs.

Key Points:The proposal would require a review of the existing social welfare programsThe plan would include a $25-a-day pay rise for workers in retail, hospitality, health and education sectorsThe plan also includes an extra $4.5 billion for infrastructureThe plan is one of a series of government measures announced by the government to boost growth and employment.

It includes a $15 a day pay rise, for people in retail and hospitality sectors, and a $10 a day rise for health and science workers.

The Labor Party says the plan will increase employment and tax revenue, and will allow people to stay at home longer.

Labor’s plan is also part of the broader package to improve Australia’s economic recovery, with the government looking to make people more confident in the job market and increase the number who are eligible for welfare payments and the number eligible for a tax rebate.

“The Government will make sure we invest in the long-term future of this country and make sure our economy is competitive,” Mr Shorten added.

“This Government has done a number of things in this Budget that will make it harder for families to get into a position where they can afford a decent standard of living, but it will make Australians feel better about their lives and the quality of their lives.”

I want people to be confident and proud to work and they should be proud of their hard work.

They should be confident about themselves and proud of the jobs they are doing.

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