The world’s most amazing, award-winning restaurant | CNN

Posted October 08, 2018 03:50:51 For most of its history, this little eatery on the corner of the New York and Brooklyn Bridges has been the jewel of New York City’s Upper East Side neighborhood.

But that’s about to change.

With its open kitchen, the new owners have created an experience that will make the neighborhood’s elite feel at home.

New York City is now home to more than 1.4 million chefs and other professionals.

The New York Culinary Institute ranks third worldwide in culinary education and training, behind only Beijing and Shanghai.

Its culinary training programs have been ranked among the top in the world by the New England Association of Culinary Schools.

And in its culinary program, the institute is credited with helping to launch the careers of some of the world’s best chefs, including Wolfgang Puck, Anthony Bourdain and Michael Pollan.

The New York Chef Awards are a recognition of culinary excellence in the New Yorks region, and they recognize a small but growing number of restaurants that specialize in food, beverage and hospitality.

The first award will be awarded this year to Dining & Lounge, a New York-based restaurant, which will be judged by the institute’s culinary staff.

The winner of the award will earn a plaque at the end of next year’s competition, according to a statement from the institute.

For a limited time, CNN will also be giving away a copy of its award-winners’ cookbook, The New Orleans Kitchen: The Culinary Adventures of James Beard Award Winner, which is available to order now for just $39.95.

In addition to the award-winner-themed cookbook and cookbook contest, CNN’s Food News Team will be giving out a copy to a lucky winner on October 15, the day of the final competition, and will give away a $200 Amazon gift card to a winner on November 5.

For more information on the winners and the New Orleans Food News team, visit

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