How to find your next vacation destination

Singapore’s Garden City (GCC) is an all-weather paradise for backpackers, and a lot of them have no idea where to begin.

As one of the city’s premier vacation destinations, there are plenty of options to choose from in terms of accommodation, restaurants, shopping, entertainment, nightlife and more.

GCC is one of Asia’s most popular and unique destinations.

Its proximity to Hong Kong makes it a great choice for both locals and tourists alike.

The city’s famous nightlife scene and many of its amenities make it one of Singapore’s most unique cities, and the island is also home to several famous attractions.

You may also want to take a look at our guide to all the things to do in Singapore this summer.

Where to stay for Singapore Summer 2017:Hotels:Singapore Hotels offers two hotels in Garden City, both of which are within walking distance of the airport.

Budget:The Garden City has a number of affordable and boutique hotels, such as the one at Parkland Bay.

Hotel Intercontinental has rooms for $80-90 a night, and is close to the airport and its train station.

Hotel Intercontinental is also a good choice for those looking to rent rooms in the Garden City. 

Hotel Indigo has two rooms for between $80 and $100 a night. 

For more information about the Garden Cities hotel selection, check out our guide here.

Other options:Budget accommodations can be found at the hotels listed below, or if you prefer, try out the boutique hotels at the following spots: Hotels Singapore (S) and The Bamboo (W) (both within walking range of the Garden Centre) are two of the most popular budget accommodation options in Singapore.

The Garden City’s nightlife is also popular with locals, so be sure to check out the local nightlife to see if you’ll find something special. 

Currency:S$800-10,000Singapore Dollar (SGD) is the official currency of Singapore, and it is accepted everywhere in Singapore except the Garden Centers.

To get a decent rate, however, you may want to use a local bank or a bank branch. 

Budget accommodation options:The following is a list of some of the best budget accommodation in the city:Hotel Garden City Hotel Indigo Hotel Indigo Singapore Hotel Indigo (1)Bamboo (S) (1)Hotel Royal (2)The Garden Centre (2)Budget Hostel (1, 3)Bistro La Bamboo (2, 3, 4)Hotels (3)Bamboos Cafe (2-4)Cafe  (5)Bengaluru (2.5-3) Bamboo  (5, 6)The Gardens Centre (6, 7, 8)The Bamboos (8)Babylon (8)Hotokan (9)Coffeehouse (10)Bambino (11)Café (12)Caffé  (13)Cantaloupe (14)Catering (15)Cannes (16)Caffe (17)Casanova (18)Cocoa (19)Cheesecake (20)Diners (21)Dress-Up (22)Elixir (23)Fantasie (24)Gentlemen’s Club (25)Garden (26)Hot-Air Balloon (27)Lobster (28)Lucky Strike (29)Mango (30)Mandarin (31)Nectar (32)Nimbus (33)Nosebleed (34)Pizza (35)Pizzeria (36)Pixa (37)Roti (38)Red Bull (39)Rice (40)Shopping (41)Sushi (42)Starbucks (43)Taco Bell (44)Tuna (45)TripAdvisor (46)Wine (47)Zesty (48)Zest  ($80)Bongiorno ($100)Cappuccino (49)Coppi  $200 (50)Eggplant ($250)Hot Pockets ($500)Kabobs ($600)Prawn ($800)Popcorn ($900)Toss ($1000)Thai Beef ($1200)Thong (($1400)Tofu ($1600)Waffles ($2000)Thin Mint ($2000)- Bong  ($1000) Gourmet (($2000)Hot Bread ($3000) Chicken ($3000)

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