How ‘Star Wars’ moviegoers ‘wonder’ what the ‘Star Trek’ crew looks like

Star Wars moviegoers are often left baffled by the ‘Jedi’ uniforms and accessories worn by the iconic Star Wars crew.

But what do they really look like?

And what is the Star Wars “Trek” universe all about?

To find out, we spoke to star Chris Pine, who plays Luke Skywalker in ‘Star War: The Force Awakens’ and played a key role in ‘The Last Jedi’ and ‘Rogue One’.

He told us what ‘StarWars’ and its many characters have in common, including what they look like.

“The way I look at ‘Star wars’ is I’m a Star Wars fan and I like to think I have a lot of knowledge of the original ‘Star trek’.

It’s a lot more cinematic than I have.

I think the film’s so exciting that you feel like you’re watching it on the big screen.”

So, I like that I get to be the little guy in a lot different ways.

I like the character designs of the crew, and I enjoy being able to do a lot with a lot less.

“Star Wars ‘Trek’ cast in full costume, as seen in ‘Rogue’Star Wars films have been going on for more than 60 years.

But for ‘Star-Trek fans’ the franchise’s most famous characters have remained relatively unchanged over the decades, even as the movies have become bigger and more popular.”

There’s always been the question, ‘Are we seeing the same guys in different outfits?’

There’s some more technology that we didn’t see in the previous films. “

So, in the new film, the new ‘Star ships’ are a little bit more sophisticated.

There’s some more technology that we didn’t see in the previous films.

So, I think that’s exciting for people to see.”

Pine and the rest of the Star Trek cast are also seen in the films ‘Tables’ and “Rise of the Machines”, which introduce a more complex and more sophisticated version of the starship design.

“Rising of the machines” sees the crew of the USS Enterprise go through a major transformation, as they battle the alien invaders of the ‘Terminator’ universe.

“I think that was one of the first films that I ever watched, ‘Terminators’ was one that I was very impressed with, and it was a really good movie.

It’s an interesting, interesting, modern movie.

So the concept of this new ‘Terminated’ universe and the idea of a space station and the possibility of this kind of ship has been very intriguing to me.

It was interesting to me to see that concept come to life,” Pine said, noting that the new films ‘Terminate’ and the next ‘Star’ are “going to be really cool” and “exciting”.

Pine has also been busy with other projects, with ‘The Legend of Korra’ and next ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ coming in 2018.

“It’s really exciting that I can be in ‘X and the Marvel Universe’ now.

It has been really great working with all these amazing artists, especially the art directors at Marvel Studios.

So I really like it.

I’m looking forward to it,” he said.

Pine says that the crew look different in ‘Rise’ and that “everyone’s been very creative in the costumes”.

“Everyone’s been doing their own thing.

And everybody’s been able to express themselves in their own way, which is a really cool thing,” he explained.

“I love that they have this freedom to be themselves, to wear what they want.

I feel like the costumes are just an expression of that.”

Star Trek was a show about this space travel that we were all very interested in and that was what inspired the idea that we’d build a new space station.

I don’t know if I would’ve been as excited about the idea for ‘Rogue one’, which was the other ‘Star universe’ film that was released, but I’m really excited about ‘Star.

We’re on the same ship now,” Pine explained.”

As I’ve said, ‘StarTrek’.

I’m very happy that I have that experience now in ‘Episode VIII’.

It feels like I’ve been in the same universe since I was a kid.

And I feel very lucky to be a part of that universe now.

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