Why Singapore is worth its salt

When you consider the cost of living in Singapore, the annual salary can easily rival that of a middle-class Australian.

And you’re not just paying for luxury.

For many Singaporeans, life in the capital is often as tough as living in Australia.

But if you’re willing to spend more than you earn, it’s worth it. 

What you need to know about Singapore: In Singapore, most businesses operate in a “periphery”, meaning they can operate across multiple markets.

The more markets you can cover, the cheaper you can earn.

This means that for many Singaporean workers, the city’s average annual salary is less than the equivalent salary in the state of Victoria.

The average Singaporean salary is about $24,000.

But for those earning $100,000 or more, Singapore is no mean place to work.

The average Singapore worker earns about $8.50 an hour in the city, or $8,000 a year.

This compares with the $7.90 average in Victoria.

Singapore’s average weekly wage is about the same as in Victoria and $8 per week, or about $3,200 a year, compared with the federal minimum wage of $7,500.

This gives Singaporeans the chance to live comfortably and save more money.

According to the Singapore Government, the average Singapore salary is almost $3.25 an hour, which is about three times more than the federal wage.

But it’s not all about earning more.

Singaporeans can also spend time outside the city.

Many have chosen to live on their own.

This allows them to be closer to family and friends and to work, with fewer distractions.

Singaporeans are also more likely to be married than the average person in Australia, but the difference is small.

Singaporean men marry for a longer period of time than average, and the average number of children they have is only three, compared to 20 in Victoria, according to the Government.

There are also many Singapore workers who don’t want to work for a company they consider to be a family member.

Some work part-time, which makes Singaporean women and men both less competitive for jobs.

As Singaporean life gets easier, the government is also increasing the amount of money employees can earn for their work.

In addition, many Singapore government workers earn a higher salary, even if they are less qualified.

What do you think?

Do you think Singapore is better off as a country?

Are there any areas where Singaporeans have made some improvements?

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