Which of these restaurants are best in Singapore?

The United States’ newest culinary hub, Singapore, is a tourist destination for tourists from around the world.

From the iconic Old Town to the futuristic skyscrapers of Marina Bay Sands, the city’s diverse nightlife and food scene is a perfect match for a group of adventurous souls.

So it’s no surprise that the restaurants in the country have become some of the most popular destinations in Asia for dining and visiting.

Here’s our list of the best Singapore restaurants for dinner and lunch, and our top picks for lunch.

Here are our top Singapore restaurants in 2018, and how to order online.1.

Tofu Cafe & Kitchen, Singapore2.

Noodle Cafe, Singapore3.

The Canteen, Singapore4.

Gung Fu Kitchen, Shanghai5.

Diners, Singapore6.

The Garden, Singapore7.

Lola Cafe, Hong Kong8.

Lotte Restaurant, Singapore9.

Restaurant, New York10.

Diner’s Corner, Singapore11.

Sushi Bar, Singapore12.

Littlest Cafe, Seoul13.

The Lighthouse, Singapore14.

Bar Louie, Singapore15.

La Petite Cafe, Paris16.

Dessert Cafe, Berlin17.

Cafe D’Oro, Singapore18.

Cafe Siam, Thailand19.

Lingerie Bar, London20.

Cafe Glamour, London21.

Lulu Cafe, London22.

Dina, Singapore23.

KFC, Singapore24.

L’Atelier, Paris25.

Lumi Restaurant, Paris26.

Cafe Delfino, Paris27.

Tango Lounge, Paris28.

Kebab Bar, Berlin29.

Nosh Bar, Tokyo30.

The Café, Tokyo31.

Lidl, London32.

Koya Cafe, Tokyo33.

Bar Mitzvah, New Zealand34.

Saffron Cafe, Dubai35.

Dining Room, Sydney36.

Soho House, Hong Kong37.

Restaurant Nouveau, Singapore38.

Café Cri, Hong

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