What Singapore Is Worth Now: Top 10 Luxury Travel Brochures

The world’s second-largest economy is known for its thriving tourist industry, but the country’s capital has a much smaller population, making it one of the few places where you’ll find plenty of options for a bargain.

Here are 10 of the best deals on travel brochures and guides to Singapore.


Singapore Luxury Hotels and Resorts: You’ll be able to spend up to $3,000 for a hotel in Singapore, but this will get you a suite in one of Singapore’s most popular destinations.


Traveling in Singapore: Singapore is an amazing city to visit if you’re looking for a memorable stay, with an endless list of places to explore.

Check out our guide to the best places to visit in Singapore.


Singulands Luxury Tour: Singapore has one of Asia’s most famous and prestigious tourism destinations, with the city’s main attractions such as Singapore Tower, Singapore Bay, and Singapore Botanic Gardens.


Singles: There are plenty of singles bars and nightclubs around Singapore, with more than 70,000 clubs across the country.

Singapore’s best restaurants and shopping can be found in Singapore’s bustling Marina Bay district.


Singang Traveler’s Guide to Singapore: This guidebook covers Singapore’s famous landmarks, and it’s a great place to start if you’ve been to Singapore in the past.


Singuli Luxury Restaurants and Suites: You can book a Singaporean restaurant, as well as many local restaurants, and can enjoy Singapore’s many local cuisines on Singapore’s restaurants menu.


Singulo Luxury Hotel Resorts in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur: Whether you’re in Kuala Lumpur or Singapore, these three resort towns offer great options for guests to relax and unwind in the resort’s hotels.


Singiels Luxury Budget Travel Guide: This book gives you all the info you need to plan your next vacation in Singapore if you have budget limits.


Singliers Luxury Shopping Guide: Singapore’s vast shopping and entertainment options are available at all the major retailers in Singapore from Kmart to Kohl’s, as long as you’ve got the budget to splurge.


Singularities Luxury Holiday Guide: Whether your plans involve Singapore or Kuala Lumpur, this guidebook will get your eyes on Singapore and help you plan your vacation to the country in a unique way.

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