Raffles 2018: Where to stay in Asia

Raffles is the world’s biggest hotel and it’s no surprise that it has become the latest event to open in Asia, with its two-night stay in Seoul featuring the largest group of people in Asia at the moment.

This week, the hotel opened its doors to the public at 11:00am and will be hosting its 10th edition at its new home in the capital, Seoul.

The first night, hosted by the Korean pop singer Lee Hyori, will be on Saturday, March 7, with the second night being held on March 11.

Tickets for the two nights are currently on sale for the cheapest prices anywhere in Asia.

A full list of the hotels rooms can be found below.

Raffles hotels in Asia: Seoul – Rooms start at Rp 1,400,000 (US$17,600) per night, with prices for each room starting at Rk 5,400 per night. 

Rokdo Hotel – Rooms starting at US$1,600 per night for each person in each room.

Rooms can be reserved online at www.rokdo.com, or by calling +82 2 690 8096 (for international calls). 

Raffles Hotel Seoul – Room 1,800 per night (US $3,600), with prices starting at US$1.8 million for each guest. 

Koreatown Seoul Hotel – Room 3,400 per night (Rp 1.7 million), with a price tag starting at $1.4 million for guests, which includes a 2 bedroom apartment. 

Hotel Daejeon – Rooms for Rp 2.7M, with a room price of US$4.1 million for the first two nights. 

The hotel is the latest addition to Raffles’ roster of hotels in Korea, having previously hosted the world famous Raffles Cup, the biggest hotel competition in the world.

The hotel, which has been open for over 25 years, has recently attracted a growing number of celebrities from across Asia, including singers Park Hyung-jin, Lee Jong-un and Lee Jae-yong, and other celebrities including Kim Soo-hyun, Jung Kyung-seon and Seo Hyun-jung.

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