How to watch the Eurovision Song Contest: ‘It’s like a war’

Eurovision, the world’s biggest music and entertainment competition, has attracted the attention of the media.

The UK’s Channel 4 has been airing live coverage of the event since its inception in 1987.

Now it has teamed up with BBC Sport to provide a free and comprehensive guide to the contest.

What is Eurovision?

Eurovision is the European version of the US version of American Idol.

The winner takes home a €100,000 prize.

The main event takes place in Vienna on 1 July, where six finalists from 26 countries compete for the chance to perform for a record audience of 6 million people.

The music video contest, which was initially hosted by TV channel Discovery in 1994, has now evolved into a global phenomenon with the aim of raising awareness of the arts and music.

What are the rules?

The main competition, held in Vienna, is the largest entertainment event of its kind.

It attracts an estimated 20 million viewers each night, with thousands of live performances on television and radio.

It’s also watched by millions more worldwide, which means there’s a lot of exposure for the contestants.

This year’s Eurovision song contest, the first to be televised, is being held in the capital city, Vienna.

There are three main categories: the traditional dance show, traditional singing and classical music.

The traditional dance shows have attracted audiences of up to 6 million, which makes it the biggest competition of its type in the world.

The competition’s format means it is not as televised as traditional music competitions, which tend to be broadcast live.

Traditional singing has attracted audiences up to 4 million, while classical music has attracted around 6 million viewers.

There is also a classical contest which attracts around 2 million.

There’s a prize of up, which is worth about €10,000.

You can watch the main competition live on BBC Sport, the BBC World Service, the iPlayer or BBC iPlayer Plus.

The BBC Sport website offers a comprehensive guide, which includes how to watch every contest, a list of some of the best performing countries and the best countries to watch.

Where can I watch?

BBC Sport has also broadcast the Eurocities European Music Festival, which takes place on 4 August, and Eurovision Live, which will air in 2019.

You also can follow the official Eurovision website.

BBC Sport is available on more than 200 countries, including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States.

The website also provides a range of digital content, including videos, podcasts, live streams and podcasts, on-demand access to all Eurovision competitions.

What to expect during the competition There are no pre-show events, which are held during the day on public transport or at local venues.

The Eurovision contest will begin at 7:00am on 1 August.

Eurovision takes place live on UK television channels on 2 August.

On 3 August, the winners will be announced.

It is expected that the main event will air on 2 and 3 August.

The show is a huge success and has been watched by more than 8 million people, and it is the most watched entertainment event in the UK.

On 5 August, there will be an official ceremony at the Arena des Nations in Vienna.

It will be the first time that the event has been held on such a grand scale.

You’ll be able to watch live on the BBC Sport websites on 4 and 5 August.

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