How to stay safe on Singapore’s roads and bridges

By Michael BowersRead moreShareThis story is available exclusively to Guardian Australia and can be republished for free anywhere else.

Read moreThe Singapore Tourism Authority (STA) has issued a warning to visitors on the country’s roads, bridges and shopping malls over the risk of hypothermia, which it described as “an extremely rare event”.

The warning comes after a Singaporean woman fell ill and died in a shopping mall in the city of Changi in July, two days after she arrived from Hong Kong.STA chief executive Officer Lee Kuan Yew told reporters on Wednesday that Singaporeans had been warned to take extra care on roads and rail systems to prevent people getting into trouble.

“We would like to emphasise the importance of not driving too quickly on busy roads and the need to check the temperature of the surroundings,” Lee said.

“It is a very serious matter.”

Lee said the Singapore Government would “immediately” issue safety guidelines to help prevent people from getting into a “serious situation”.

The STA issued a statement saying the incident was “a matter of serious concern”.

“The incident, and its possible circumstances, are an extremely rare occurrence in Singapore and the safety of all visitors is our top priority,” the statement read.

“If you’re in the vicinity of the road or railway network and feel a possible hypothermic condition, you can call the nearest police station or the ambulance service and we will immediately issue safety guidance.”

It said it was not yet clear whether the woman had been the victim of a crime or had been in an accident.

The Singapore Police said it would be investigating.

The Singapore Department of Transport (SDOT) said the cause of the incident remained unclear, but that it would investigate.”SDOT will provide the relevant information to the Police Service of Singapore,” the department said.

In a statement on Wednesday, the SDOT said it has received information about the case and would take the necessary action.

The agency said it will take appropriate measures, including “an additional patrol vehicle”, to make sure that the area is safe.

Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong also addressed the matter on Wednesday.

“This is not a tragedy for Singapore, but a tragedy in the country of Singapore itself,” he said.

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