How to plan a trip to Singapore and the countrys largest Raffles exhibition in the middle of the night

With Singapore Tourism Board (STB) banning the entry of visitors on the night of December 13-14, and the government seeking to clamp down on Raffles, visitors have had to make do with other means to get to the city.

Here are some of the ways to plan your visit to Singapore.

Day One:The best way to start your visitSingapore’s biggest annual Raffles celebration is the Singapore Open Day, which runs from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm on December 14.

The event is a big deal for visitors, who will be given the opportunity to try out some of Singapore’s most popular attractions and get a glimpse into the world of Raffles.

The Singapore Open is one of the best way of getting an idea of Singapore, and for many Singaporeans, it is a perfect way to get in the mood for the evening before heading to their hotel.

Day Two: The best way and day to visitSingtel’s Raffles Festival, which takes place on the evening of December 15, has been a popular destination for visiting Singaporeans.

The festival, which is hosted in conjunction with the National Day Parade, is usually a busy affair and takes place at various venues across the city, with events taking place at malls, restaurants and malls throughout the city centre.

The Raffles festival also sees the arrival of the country’s best artists and celebrities, with the likes of The Chainsmokers, Rihanna, The Chainss, Drake and Miley Cyrus taking to the streets for a number of shows.

The festivals are also a popular night for Singaporeans to indulge in a night out, with restaurants, bars and cinemas offering a wide variety of food options.

Day Three: The Best way and night to visit Singapore’s biggest Raffles event, the Raffles Super Bowl, is also held on December 15.

This event has become a popular choice for Singapore residents, with crowds filling the streets, pubs and cinemases, with thousands of Singaporeans pouring into the city to catch a glimpse of the game.

Singapore’s best-known sports team, the Singaporean National Football League (SFL), is also one of its biggest draws, as well as attracting celebrities and artists.

The Singapore Super Bowl is one event that Singaporeans will be eager to experience, as it is one that has become an annual tradition for Singaporean residents, who enjoy the competition and entertainment of the event.

Day Four: The Singapore Super Cup is one match-up that has been watched by Singaporeans for years, with it being a match-ups that Singapore hosts, with matches taking place every two years.

In 2018, the SFL held its first ever finals match in the city with Singapore hosting against Malaysia.

Singapore also hosted the first ever Super Bowl on January 1, 2021.

SFL will be back on January 4, 2019, to host a rematch with Malaysia, as the teams meet in the final of the league.

Day Five: The worst way to visit the citySingaporeans love their country and it is no surprise that they are also quite proud of their countrys greatest monuments.

These include Singapore’s iconic Penang Tower, which towers over the city and is Singapore’s tallest building.

Singapore has many other impressive structures, from the MRT to the National Museum and the Singapore Institute of Contemporary Art.

But Singaporeans are most proud of the iconic Penong Tower, as many people come to visit it during the Singapore Summer Olympics, in the hope that they will be able to enjoy a spectacular view of the skyline.

This year, Singapore will host the annual Singapore Summer Games on January 5, 2019.

Other highlights to see during Singapore’s annual Raffle festivals include the Singapore Pride Parade on December 17 and the annual International Day of Raffle on December 19.

To see the best ways to visit and stay in Singapore, visit Singapore Tourism Authority’s website or follow their guide on Twitter.

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